• CD The Lord Of Steel - Hammer Edition
  • CD The Lord Of Steel - Hammer Edition

CD The Lord Of Steel - Hammer Edition

CD The Lord Of Steel - Hammer Edition

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THE LORD OF STEEL blazes with pure power, untamed energy, and a sound as raw and wild as a force of nature. 10 tracks full of the power and glory of MANOWAR.

THE LORD OF STEEL – Hammer Edition features powerful artwork that was specially crafted for the Metal Hammer Steel Edition, a limited variant issue of Metal Hammer (UK) issue # 233, featuring the CD. This edition was sold out immediately.
Only a limited number of this edition is still available exclusively at Stardog Entertainment GmbH!

Each song tells a different story, retaining the MANOWAR vision of righteousness, honor, and everything fans have come to know and love of this band.

Known for their adventurous spirit and for never releasing the same style of album twice in a row, MANOWAR has this time tapped into the world of action heroes and their stories, writing their first song specifically for a Hollywood movie, ‘EL GRINGO’ and another one, ‘Expendable’, inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s action movie franchise ‘The Expendables.

“This album is all about brutality and raw power!” said Joey DeMaio.

The Lord Of Steel – Hammer Edition – Track Titles

The Lord Of Steel
Born In A Grave
Righteous Glory
Touch The Sky
Black List
El Gringo
Hail, Kill and Die

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